Our Work

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative aims to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals on Medicaid by advancing the adoption of tech-enabled innovations.​

Through these connections and partnerships, we believe we can change the way the Medicaid system addresses health inequities.

About Our Work

Our work coordinates stakeholders across the Medicaid ecosystem. We work with an array of partners including state Medicaid departments, health plans, entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders to ensure Medicaid populations have access to high quality technology-based solutions.

We center all our work on the consumer voice by conducting deep research with Medicaid beneficiaries to understand their gaps and challenges to reach their optimal health and wellbeing. We also partner with community members to help guide the work of MIC, ensuring that the chosen solutions match the needs of the community.​

All of this work is done with the goal of changing the Medicaid environment to enable adoption of high-impact innovations that advance specific health equity goals. By supporting Medicaid departments in changing policies to foster innovation and connecting managed care plans to effective solutions, we can move towards implementing interventions that improve the lives of Medicaid beneficiaries.

Our Programs

Each year, MIC brings together a cohort of state Medicaid departments to focus on a specific health equity goal. These goals align with important priorities for the state and their associated managed care plans.

2024 Cohort

Recruiting state Medicaid programs for our 2024 cohort

Our third cohort seeks to identify scalable solutions to close gaps in social needs for Medicaid beneficiaries.

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2023 Cohort

Social Determinants of Health

In 2023, MIC identified scalable solutions to close gaps in health-related social needs for Medicaid beneficiaries in Iowa, Kentucky, and New York.

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2022 Cohort

Behavioral Health

Our inaugural cohort identified scalable solutions to advance behavioral health equity for Medicaid beneficiaries in Arizona, Hawaii, and West Virginia.

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Ecosystem Collaborators

We work to elevate the perspectives of key stakeholders within the Medicaid ecosystem, in order to better source and implement impactful solutions to solve the most complex health inequities. In addition to partnering with State Medicaid and Managed Care Plans, other collaborators include:

Medicaid Beneficiaries

MIC seeks to amplify the voices of those who receive benefits and services but don’t often have the opportunity to provide feedback on their needs and how services can be improved.

Private-Sector Companies

MIC understands that it can be challenging for vendors to break through the noise to reach decision makers within the state Medicaid agencies and health plans. We're working to bridge that gap.

Health Care Providers and Community-Based Organizations

MIC acknowledges that service providers have a deep knowledge of the systemic issues their clients face and the challenges they encounter in delivering care but don’t often have the forum to share what they see and experience in the field and how these solutions may be operationalized in their care settings.

Subject Matter Experts

MIC recognizes that there is a great deal of existing knowledge and experience around health equity and serving Medicaid populations, but that expertise doesn’t always translate into solution identification and implementation at the state level.

Our Process

Define & Discover

We align state Medicaid departments, health plans, providers, and consumers around a common goal where tech-enabled solutions could make an impact. We conduct primary research with consumers in our cohort states to understand their gaps and challenges to health and wellbeing. These insights guide potential solutions.

Source & Select

We coordinate and facilitate a robust identification and vetting process to select tech-enabled innovations that meet the needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. By involving plans and state and community members in the process to identify and connect to innovative companies, it ensures the solutions are aligned with their interests and needs.

Connect & Catalyze

We support peer-to-peer learning and best practice sharing across health plans and state Medicaid departments to learn from each other about how to tackle a given priority. We provide technical assistance to help state Medicaid departments understand how to change policies and drive adoption of innovative solutions for Medicaid. We support the adoption and testing of solutions to ensure they impact the health and wellbeing of Medicaid populations.

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We’re building a network of leaders from state agencies, health plans, providers, communities, and investment firms, as well as entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to deploy tech-enabled innovations toward the most critical health equity goals.