Recruiting state Medicaid programs for our 2024 cohort

Our third cohort seeks to identify scalable solutions to close gaps in social needs for Medicaid beneficiaries.


MIC aims to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals on Medicaid by connecting the ecosystem to tech-enabled innovations. The upcoming 2024 cohort will enable state Medicaid programs, their managed care plans, and other key stakeholders to identify and implement solutions to address the health related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. Those selected from the Application Review process will have the opportunity to pitch their solution directly to Medicaid directors, managed care plans, community members, and other stakeholders for potential contract opportunities.

About the 2024 Social Determinants of Health Focus

Innovative strategies and solutions are needed to successfully address the health-related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. As disparities have remained unchanged over decades, solutions must overcome the social, economic, and environmental disadvantages outlined in the research, with the goal of equitable access and outcomes.  

MIC partners with states, MCOs, and entrepreneurs to and identify, evaluate, and pilot solutions that effectively address beneficiary social needs, including:

  • Food and Nutrition Security
  • Housing Affordability and Quality
  • Transportation Security
  • Economic Stability (Education + Employment)
  • Navigation of Health and Social Services
  • SDOH Data and Infrastructure

Benefits for State Medicaid Organizations

  • State-directed process provides input on MCO priorities, including potential for cross-MCO collaboration around innovative solutions
  • Neutral convener helps coordinate and fund complex collaboration across government, MCO, and contractor stakeholders to advance and sustain innovations
  • MIC narrows wide field and “filters out the noise” to a set of vetted solutions that have high potential for scalable impact on health equity
  • Beneficiary input incorporated in each step of the process: decision criteria, selection, and showcase event

Our Process

MIC has developed a sourcing and selection process that engages state, managed care, and community stakeholders in defining a health equity goal, identifying and assessing vendors that support these goals, and supporting the consideration and implementation of these vendors to ensure these solutions are sticky, scalable, and deliver impact.

Over 100 SDOH solutions applied to MIC's 2023 cohort. See our 2023 process and results

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Watch our webinar

This webinar explored opportunities to use tech-enabled solutions in addressing HRSN and how state Medicaid agencies and MCOs can support the implementation of technology in improving care for Medicaid enrollees. Speakers representing Medicaid agencies, health plans, and HRSN-focused tech perspectives will discuss their experiences in supporting tech-enabled strategies. Slides and recordings from the webinar are available.

Our Partners: States and Health Plans

The following three states and their managed care plans partnered with MIC in this effort.

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