Behavioral Health

Our inaugural cohort identified scalable solutions to advance behavioral health equity for Medicaid beneficiaries in Arizona, Hawaii, and West Virginia.


MIC’s goal is to identify and implement private-sector innovations that will improve health equity in Medicaid. The 2022 Cohort includes the three state Medicaid offices and 15 managed care organizations from Arizona, Hawaii, and West Virginia. Equity in behavioral health was the focus of these offices and organizations. Read more about detailed findings below.

2022 Focus Areas

Adolescent Behavioral Health

Increasing access to services and addressing challenges in behavioral health for adolescents and youth crisis support

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Maternal Behavioral Health

Improving engagement of mental health and substance use disorder treatment for pregnant and postpartum women

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Our Approach

MIC has developed a sourcing and selection process that engages state, managed care, and community stakeholders in defining a health equity goal, identifying and assessing vendors that support these goals, and supporting the consideration and implementation of these vendors to ensure these solutions are sticky, scalable, and deliver impact. Read the Full Sourcing and Selection Report.

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative is a unique opportunity for these three participating states and their MCOs to identify innovative challenges and set a strategy to solve them. As a cohort, our programs have common needs and, through this collaborative, can leverage common solutions."

— Jami Snyder
Director of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) on joining MIC

Our Partners: States and Health Plans

The following three states and their managed care plans partnered with MIC in this effort.

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