Our Vision for a
More Equitable Future

Over 100 million Americans, nearly one in three people, are at risk of poverty—where any emergency expense can upend their lives. Acumen America invests in mission-driven entrepreneurs building businesses working to solve the root causes of poverty in America.

Vision + Approach

We fund a new wave of mission-driven founders often overlooked and under-estimated by venture capital.

Tackling bias head-on.
A woman handing out a bag of food to a man.

We invest early in entrepreneurs with visions focused on systems change.

We aren’t afraid of risk.
A woman shopping for apples in a grocery store.

We support our companies from start-up to scale—providing capital, a network of mission-aligned partners, and deep knowledge of the systems and policies hurting millions of Americans.

Deep support, from day one. 
Two women in pink shirts holding a black bag.
A woman handing out a bag of food to a man.A woman shopping for apples in a grocery store.Two women in pink shirts holding a black bag.

Our Focus

We invest in early-stage companies across three interconnected sectors that have an outsized impact on the day-to-day life of low-income communities: health, wealth, and work.


In America, your zip code is more deterministic than your genetic code. A person’s location and environment dictates their access to food, doctors, and the resources needed for long-term health. With over 90 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid and an increased focus on the social determinants of health, we see a tremendous opportunity to invest in companies transforming the Medicaid landscape, how we deliver care, and improve the health outcomes of low-income Americans.


Wealth is more than assets. It’s secure housing. It’s education, transportation, and jobs. Race, gender, and geography all impact wealth. We invest in entrepreneurs imagining innovative solutions to bridge America’s widening wealth gap—from financial education and navigation to credit improvement and innovative wealth building solutions—and create opportunities for all.


Pathways for career advancement and upward mobility in America’s workforce are narrow and 44% of workers earn low hourly wages. We back companies building solutions working to break down the racial inequities in the workforce, improve career navigation, strengthen worker power, and provide workers with the skills and digital tools they need to succeed. 

Meet Our Founders

Our founders are diverse, driven leaders dedicated to bringing lasting change to the systems that drive and perpetuate poverty in America.

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Emily helps people manage chronic health conditions through fresh groceries

Samir and Wemimo help boost credit scores through rent payments

Eric is using partnerships, data, and technology to advance health equity in Medicare

Stephanie is supporting people with substance use disorder virtually and holistically

Our Philanthropic Partners

Our partners play a vital role in rebuilding broken systems and creating new ones that create opportunity for everyone. We work closely with our philanthropic partners, who provide risk capital in addition to strategic support to our team and portfolio companies.

Our Impact By the Numbers

Our portfolio companies are bringing enduring change to communities across the country.




Founders of Color


Female Founders

$968 million

Raised by our portfolio companies since Acumen America’s initial investment

6.5 million

Americans directly impacted through our portfolio companies’ services

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How we Started

We launched Acumen America in 2016 as a part of Acumen, the pioneering organization founded by Jacqueline Novogratz. Acumen gave us the platform, guidance, and inspiration to get started—and remains an integral partner today.

We know that there are no simple answers to America’s broken systems, but we believe that we can leverage the power of innovation to build solutions that usher in change. The driving force for Acumen America is the same today as it was when we launched: investing in entrepreneurs with radical new business models that can change systems.

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Acumen America backs entrepreneurs building innovative solutions to the urgent challenges of unequal workforce development, health inequities, and financial instability.